Injustice Gods among Us

Posted by Michael Zack on Apr 13 2016
In Mobile Game
Tags action, android

DC super heroes

and super villains full debut, ready to launch a fierce battle. “Unrighteous Union: human God” is a free card game collection, you will create your own hero team, collection actions, capabilities and equipment, reached three on three touch-action showdown battlefield.


Use of mobile devices touch screen interface, and fight opponents in a three on three. Through a combination of finger sliding and clicks, energy savings, special attacks and super mobile, which is a direct reference from the desktop game play elements.


Build your combination of actions to enhance the energy, character and upgrade equipment, beat the opponent. Depending on your fighting style continues card collection, the DC Super Heroes and villains recruited its soldiers, sending the best team in the fighting.

Online multi-player mode

Participate in an online multi-player combat, battle with real opponents. Beat players around the world, get a good ranking on the list, you can also win stunning rewards in the league. Before the offensive and defensive battle for playback, and further strengthen their team skills. Leadership team to victory!

Large team

Collect beloved DC Comics characters, leading them to flame battlefield. Including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, clowns, Green Arrow, Flash, Bane, Green Lantern, doom and so on. These classic role there are different versions, with their strength and have a new movement, to launch a new battle.

Lifelike image

Showing on your phone or tablet the perfect visual effect, every superhero and villain have customized animated image. Arkham provide shelter, Bat Cave, watchtowers and other DC Comics classic locations as fighting background, lifelike 3D effect.