SimCity - The Connection Between You and the World

Posted by Michael Zack on Apr 8 2016
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Welcome, Mayor! Build your own beautiful, bustling city, let your citizens enjoy it. Your public demand as the city of the size and complexity increases. Your duty is to enable them to maintain a happy mood. We bring a new mobile platform designed SimCity game for you!

This application provides functionality within purchase. You can disable in-app purchases in your device settings.

Build your city

Countless buildings and vivid 3D images, called on the mobile platform, the most real city building game. Strategically placed in the building, so that a steady stream of revenue, so that the healthy growth of the city. Pinch pull zoom, rotate 360 degrees, whether you’re online or offline, can easily manage and urban expansion on the mobile device.

Make your city a vibrant

Create resources and outlines the city skyline. Then trading resources with your friends and other cities. Complete shipping orders, delivery of goods from the airport. Tokyo build wind community, and unlock the Statue of Liberty and the Arc de Triomphe and other unique buildings. On the waterfront expansion, build marina, water park and more. You can even launch a natural and non-natural disasters, such as flying saucer!

Make your citizens happy

Solve traffic problems, pollution, fires and real-life challenge. For your generation and provide the public with the police and other public facilities to meet their needs and provide education to improve parks and population. Broad Street with tram and then let heavy traffic remained smooth. Complete a variety of interesting challenges, create a harmonious community.

Get Rewards by race

Challenge other players around the world in the mayor contest! In the league the way, until reach the top. Completion of the new challenges every week, all the way to improve rankings until march metropolitan elite league.