Jetpack Joyride

Posted by Michael Zack on Apr 8 2016
In Mobile Game
Tags racing, android

“Jetpack Joyride is Halfbrick’s most addictive game yet, surpassing the seminal Fruit Ninja. The semi-random (but still skill-based) jetpack gameplay is tuned to perfection. – IGN

“What makes Jetpack Joyride truly noteworthy isn’t the array of power-ups, the endless customization, the various objectives, or the on death slot machine system. It’s really the sum of all these different parts that have created a game that has kept me playing to the point of disregarding real world responsibilities for one more go at Jetpack Joyride.” – TouchArcade

Join Barry, a struggling gramophone salesman, as he breaks into a secret laboratory and commandeers experimental jetpacks. Strap on a bullet-powered jetpack to dodge lasers, electric fields and all the missiles that come your way.

Get a boost along the way with vehicles like the Lil’ Stomper, Profit Bird and Crazy Freaking Teleporter. If you’re lucky, you’ll also find the Strong Arm Machine (SAM) – the ultimate vehicle of destruction and hi-fives. Now on Apple TV!

Very cool to wear a variety of jet aircraft soar play cute hero Barry Steakfries, embark on a one-way trip to adventure! Global popular game “Fruit Ninja” developers launch thrilling “Crazy Jets” – Halfbrick’s most anticipated ever an Android game!

Plays Barry, broke into a secret laboratory, capturing experimental jet aircraft from the evil hands of the scientists. After liftoff, the touch screen to rise, release to fall, flight pouring bullets, bombs and rainbow bubble shells and firing the laser constantly get higher score!

Driving the legendary machine gun jet aircraft departure, the eradication of evil scientists, but in every game, you have to collect coins and complete missions to earn cash in the “warehouse” the purchase of new equipment! Pick your favorite jet aircraft and cool clothing, reserve items, then return to the game to continue the fight!

The use of small stampede, a liver bird weird and crazy conveyor to improve speed and power, these are just part of the equipment available for pick-up – a one-touch control to complete all operations.

Jets in the wild in the tenacious survival, experience thrilling, immersive. Watch the game play a lot of points, plenty of time, plenty of jet aircraft! As always, Barry Steakfries will not let you down!