Enjoy Learning World Map Puzzle

Posted by Michael Zack on Apr 8 2016
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Digital Gene is a Japanese game development team, produced a large number of excellent pieces of the jigsaw puzzle in addition to the main map, and flags, and even the human constellations puzzle, so that you on the phone, can truly feel the puzzle fun.

The game is modeled on the world map jigsaw puzzle, you can choose Quick fast into the game, then put the pieces 20 random countries in the correct position.

You can also choose to open World World Puzzle mode. Yes, there are 176 countries and regions, do not blame the small United States did not remind you …… Another area mode and selection mode, in accordance with the continent or country characteristics (such as soccer, Olympics, etc.) to be divided in World mode.

There are four difficulty classification in Word, Basic there are boundaries, until the highest degree of difficulty Maniac in the dark is strongly recommended …… like the challenge of Friends of the United States under the World Choose Maniac Mode.

Enjoy Learning World Flags Quiz

In addition to various map puzzles, there are flags to test the debris below the game is for each country’s flag, you have to select the correct country’s flag.

Although this is not but Puzzle Quiz, but this is still quite up flags quiz knowledge!

Enjoy Learning Anatomy model puzzle

They may feel light flags literacy is not enough, so he developed a mannequin puzzle, heart, stomach, large intestine gracefully one by one, to commence a biology class.

Enjoy Learning Constellation puzzle

As brain-dong nation, they also sights on the sea stars in the constellation Enjoy L. Constellation Puzzle puzzle, zodiac, south forty and eight modern eighty-eight, freely choose.

Digital Gene puzzle game free of charge, when the network will be the banner below, broken after the network is not, and is the industry’s conscience.

Geography, human, constellations, they feel the team has been able to develop EnjoyLearning Puzzle down …… Of course, I also hope that his family puzzle series can always do so.